Quality Assurance

KIPS Quality Assurance ensures the quality of the services provided by KIPS’ employees and the procedures going on in the campuses. It inspects office and classroom activity, security, cleanliness, infrastructure maintenance, and most importantly adherence to the instructions and standard operating procedures. It also ensures that the services provided to the students and their parents are up to the mark.

The Quality Assurance, through a set of detailed checklists, inspects each school, college, and coaching campus. Afterward, it prepares a detailed report identifying any irregularities and suggesting corrective measures. This wing operates in an indiscernible manner to maintain secrecy, so that the smooth working of the organization may not be hindered during this process.

Student Care & Counseling Department

The Student Care and Counseling Department (SCCD), founded to facilitate students and their parents, is a very important and distinctive department of KIPS. The fundamental objectives of this department are:

  • To monitor students’ performance
  • To provide mentorship to each student as per his/her evaluation
  • To keep students and their parents updated on their performance
  • To keep all stakeholders updated with required information
  • To critically analyze each student’s psychological cum motivational needs and deliver motivational lectures and/or counseling sessions accordingly

Teaching Methodology

We believe in continuous, rigorous and comprehensive evaluation, practice and preparation. Our teaching methodology, a blend of traditional wisdom and modern pedagogical techniques, complements our extremely competent educators who nourish the minds of their students and prepare them for a brilliant future. Our unparalleled, result-oriented teaching style consists of on-campus and online preparation plans that fortify the concepts of students throughout their preparation.

Nation Wide Campuses

Since its humble beginnings in 1992 as a coaching center, KIPS has attained phenomenal growth. Today, KIPS is a nationwide enterprise having 150+ campuses and offering a wide array of services ranging from preschool for toddlers to competitive exams for graduates. Our main projects are school, college, evening coaching, foreign test preparation, entry tests, competitive exams preparation, school of languages, and publications. At present, we are working in all provinces of Pakistan. By the grace of Allah, the number of our campuses is steadily increasing.

Notes Development Cell

Having observed that college and university students found it extremely difficult to obtain standardized helping material for their exam preparation, KIPS, soon after its inception, launched a centrally administrated Notes Development Cell and a Research & Development Department. This department facilitates students by providing them thoroughly researched and cyclically updated notes, tests, assignments, and books developed by the most competent and seasoned members of KIPS’ faculty. These notes, tests, assignments, and books contain standardized and conceptual, subjective as well as objective material, including exam oriented MCQs.

Calls & SMS Alerts

KIPS keeps parents abreast of their children’s academic growth and development by sharing the following through phone calls and SMS alerts:

  • Results
  • Attendance
  • Performance
  • Opportunities
  • Due dates
  • Counseling & other info Updates

This methodology is also adopted in regulatory issues related to discipline.

Regular Feedback Mechanism

To keep evolving our academic services and maintain an affable and constructive liaison with students and parents, KIPS has evolved a regular written, verbal, and online feedback system, through which students provide their feedback regarding our teaching methodologies, management, study material, and other facilities and services. Periodic parent-teacher meetings provide an opportunity for parents to input their valuable feedback as well. We process the feedback data meticulously, identify the issues to be addressed, and take practical measures based on it. Our Quality Assurance Wing ensures that this feedback process is fully transparent, covert, and free from any prejudice.

KIPS’ Faculty

KIPS takes a great deal of pride in its teachers. Our highly professional, extremely competent, and richly experienced faculty is the backbone of our success. The selection criteria at KIPS is so rigorous that only a handful of teachers meet our exacting standards. The hiring process consists of a comprehensive job test followed by a full-panel interview by subject specialists. Even after selection, we keep polishing our faculty by offering them on-job training and instructional seminars. Moreover, every academic department has a seasoned HOD who efficiently heads his/her team of subject specialists.

Awards & Scholarships

We offer merit and need-based scholarships for brilliant and deserving students. These awards encourage students to work harder to attain their academic goals. As position holders are considered the pride of every alma mater, KIPS offers a number of incentives for students who perform exceptionally well in board exams. The KIPS’ scholarships include:

  • Merit Scholarships
  • Need-Based Scholarships
  • CE Scholarships
  • High Acheiver Scholarships
  • Government Employees Scholarships
  • Army Personnel Scholarships
  • Police Personnel Scholarships