Diving Deep into Entry Test Preparation – Learn and Ace

Securing admission into one of the best universities of the country is the gateway to a student’s dream career. Therefore, entry test preparation is one of the most important chapters among the academic activities of a student. Those who aspire to excel seek admission into a preparatory institute and work hard day and night for they know that a fruitful tomorrow demands today’s toil and persistence. The key to crack the code of acing medical or engineering entrance exam is understanding it thoroughly. Before appearing for the exam, students encounter the following questions:

● What is the need of an entry test? (purpose)

● What is the weightage of the entry test in the admission process? (policy)

● Which subjects to study more in order to ace the entry test? (priority)

● Which is the best institute for entry test preparation? (partnership)

● What teaching methodology helps students score higher in entry tests? (pedagogy)

Let’s look into the 5 P’s of preparing the entry test well by answering the above questions. Purpose: Scoring high in the entry test is only possible if you understand the very need of it. Students appearing in the test come from different academic backgrounds. Most of them have either an F.Sc. background or have done O/A levels. Entry Test is a filter that equalizes students, analyzing them under the following areas:

● General Knowledge

● Concepts

● Confidence

Our education system relies heavily on the cramming of knowledge and thus students feel overwhelmed by the thought of having to appear in the entry test. That is why it is very important to blend crystal clear concepts with rote learning.


Next comes the issue of the weightage of an entry test in the process of admission. The policy of weightage varies from institute to institute. Some of the renowned universities of Pakistan consider this weightage in the following percentage:

For Medical:

  • NUMS 50 % in NMDCAT and 25% in NUMS Entry Test
  • AKU

For Engineering:

  • NUST 75%
  • FAST NUCES 50%
  • GIKI 85% in SAT
  • UET 30%


Students coming from multiple backgrounds have to appear in the entrance exam. Keeping this in consideration, the syllabus for entry test preparation focuses on the major subjects that are universal in all fields. Given under are the subjects that students must pay more heed to during their entry test preparation:

For Medical:

● Biology

● Chemistry

● Physics

● English

● Analytical skills and IQ/Logical Reasoning

For Engineering:

● Mathematics

● Physics

● Chemistry

● English

● Analytical skills and IQ/ Logical Reasoning


During the short time students have to prepare for their all-important entrance test, opting for the best preparatory school can be a tough row to hoe. To put students at ease and help them acquire the right kind of knowledge, KIPS Education System has come up with an initiative to prepare students for medical and engineering entrance exams through their entry test preparation. KIPS Preparations has been a groundbreaker among entry test preparation institutes. Let’s dive into the various courses KIPS has been offering under the prestigious umbrella of KIPS Preparations. Click at the following link to follow up: ____________________________


The teaching methodology adopted by a preparatory institute is a key element in entry test preparation. The management and faculty of KIPS Education System have opted for such a pedagogical approach where learning with concepts is encouraged. The following sessions are being offered by KIPS Preparations:

● NMDCAT Earlier Prep


● NUMS Plus

● AKU Plus

● ECAT Plus

● ETEA Plus

● Career Prep for NUST, UET, GIKI, PIEAS, FAST and other major Engineering Universities

● LONG FUNG Parallel Prep

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