5 Hacks to Crack Entry Test Preparation

“Productivity is never an accident; it is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort”, as aptly quoted by Paul J. Meyer. Entry Test Preparation is a matter of sheer hard work, persistence and determination. With apposite planning and adept guidance, the whole process becomes a smooth journey towards success. Following are some important things to keep in mind while preparing for the entrance exam in any of your dream universities.

Begin beforehand

To keep the preparation up to the mark, an early start is a key to begin with. The time after the 2nd year exams is hardly sufficient to prepare for their entry tests. This short span is not enough for students to revise the syllabus, let alone analyze themselves through a number of tests. Therefore, the first thing students should go after as they enter the intermediate classes is to make up their minds and plan accordingly. One should ask oneself the following questions:

  • In which discipline do I see myself after intermediate?
  • Which university is the best in Pakistan for that discipline?
  • What is the eligibility criteria of that institute?
  • What kind of entry test do they conduct or accept?

Preparing without asking oneself such questions is to stay in mere darkness, for better results require intricate planning.

Grow through what you go through

Understanding the paper pattern is vital for students. It simply braces them for the paper and gives them an insight about the subjects they should be most prepared for. Every subject has its own weightage in the entry test exam, which should be kept in mind during preparation. The breakdown of multiple choice questions with respect to the subjects goes as follows:


  • Biology 68
  • Chemistry 56
  • Physics 56
  • English 20
  • Logical Reasoning 10

⮚ For ECAT:

  • Mathematics 30
  • Physics 30
  • Chemistry/Computer Science 30
  • English 10

Click the following link to have an overview of the subject-wise weightage distribution of other universities:

Look for the hook Most of the time, the concepts keep on repeating in different ways in the questions that appear in entry tests. The key to being aware of the most important topics, in order to prepare well, is looking deep into the past papers. Once your entry test preparation is completed, you should track the papers of the last 10 years to understand the pattern on which the paper is set. It also gives you a chance you to analyze the topics you might have neglected during your preparation.

Boost your preparation with KIPS

No matter how skilled you are to prepare for the entry test independently, perfection comes with assessment and guidelines provided by the best in the field. KIPS Education System is a renowned name when it comes to Entry Test Preparation in the country. Under its venerated umbrella, KIPS Preparations has been working to help students fulfil their aspirations of securing admission to the best universities of Pakistan and take their first steps towards the careers of their dreams. It has been launching various sessions for candidates desiring admission to Medical, Engineering, Business, Law and other major disciplines. Some of them are as under:

  • NMDCAT Earlier Prep
  • NMDCAT Plus
  • NUMS Plus
  • AKU Plus
  • ECAT Plus
  • ETEA Plus
  • Career Prep for NUST, UET, GIKI, PIEAS, FAST and other major Engineering Universities
  • LONG FUNG Parallel Prep

To get further details of above sessions and more, redirect yourself here ____________________

Boost your preparation through power tools

Resource books play a crucial role in entry test preparation but to opt for the best books can be quite taxing. It is advisable to choose power tools like KIPS Publications that offer a number of key-books and notes especially designed by KIPS’ Research and Development Centre. These include:

  • KIPS Notes Series for Matriculation
  • KIPS Notes Series for Intermediate
  • KIPS Notes Series for Entry Test Preparation

With these hacks, entry test preparation no longer remains a tough nut to crack. With proper guidance, resilience, and untiring diligence, one can ace the entrance exam without much hassle

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