Admissions Open for F.Sc. Improvers 2019

Glory Awaits Those Who Never Give Up !

Admissions are open now for F.Sc. Improvers. Those couldn't perform well should give it another chance by joining improvers session 2019. 50% to 70% KIPSIANS secure A or A+ Grade in Annual Exams Every Year.

Visit your nearest KIPS Campus for details and admission.

Remarkable Achievement of KIPS School in Matric Result-2019

Continuing the legacy of good results KIPS School achieved remarkably good result in Matric 2019. More than every 2nd student secured A+ Grade. 242 students secured 1000+ marks and 395 students secured 950+ marks. Overall 572 students secured A+ and 204 secured A grade.

KIPS School - Where A+ Leaders Are Nurtured !

Admissions Open at KIPS College for FSc, ICS & ICOM.

KIPS has established its name as the college of choice for students who want to excel at the intermediate level. We have gained this reputation as a result of years of research and hard work. Being a carrier to a career.

With the core values of passionate consistency, efficiency and innovation in imparting knowledge, KIPS College follows the rigorous methodology of teaching blended with follow up, revision and testing that no evening coaching remains relevant. Its research and development, publications, career counseling, co- curricular activities and scholarships are the intrinsic features of KIPS Colleges.

Admissions are open now at KIPS Colleges for FSc, ICS & ICOM. Visit your nearest campus for admission.