Every Student is bestowed with creative energies as high as the skies: unlimited and as deep as the oceans: unfathomable. To discover this innate potential, Kips employs highly trained teachers and seasoned educational administrators who delve deep into the deepest recesses of students’ intelligence and bring to light the true worth of a student and help him evolve a prestigious career in the most honored fields of Engineering and Technology ,Medical Sciences and Entrepreneurship. More than 24 years of sincerity to this purpose and sheer devotion has made KIPS a name of trust & excellence in these above mentioned fields of education. Imbued with the same aim, KIPS through its Evening Coaching project, has been in active pursuit to stimulate the creative impulse of the students to carry them to acme of glory.

New Sessions of KIPS Evening Coaching are starting from Dec, 2018.

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KIPS School is a total care and career realm. Our school up bringing has leader like impact beyond the school walls. We work and value with No Child Left Behind approach at all levels. At joining, we closely read children’s temperament, attention state, learning capacities, interaction with the environment and proximal development. For nurturing innate curiosity, a socio learning environment is our designed priority. Our kids avail themselves with rich visual, mathematical, lingual and logical source material. Admission are now open at KIPS School.

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KIPS is a symbol of accomplishing excellent results. The success regimen by KIPS is so effectual that even an otherwise timid test taker is transformed into a fervent score gainer. We evaluate and assess our students through original test patterns, and provide them with ample test practice and prepare them for excellent results in entry tests.

Admissions Open Now for Entry Tests Preparation. Please visit your desired KIPS Preparations Campus for details and admission.

Admissions open at KIPS College

Our vision is "To provide a respectful learning environment for our students that inspires academic excellence, creative expression, active living, and social responsibility in order to develop compassionate and confident individuals"

Admissions Open now for regular 1st year classes at KIPS College. Please visit your desired KIPS College Campus for details and admission.

Admissions Open at KIPS Pre-School

Our each campus is a colorful site of bright visuals and soft accent, keeping children well intact with their plan-and-play activities. A multitude of resources for content creation aided by interacting space swiftly connects our young learners with the suitable material that boosts the rationale for basic maths and diversified horizon of other formal course elements. With substantial time frame along with our model-trained faculty, the tiny tots become ready and ultimately assimilate to read and write with a set pattern.

Admissions are open now at KIPS Pre-School for Play Group, Nursery & Prep

For further info, you are welcome to contact or visit your nearest KIPS Campus.